"Infinite thanks to Dr. Paola, 2 successful treatments of which today I enjoy its benefits, 6 years ago with chronic colon problems, ozone therapy was the solution to such intense pain, in the same way the treatment for cysts in ovaries and hormonal problems, after several infertility diagnoses with the help of treatment and the work of God, I have enjoyed 3 years of my son, these are just two of all the testimonies that I can give, thank you Dra Paola thank you for having also influenced in the good health and good habits of my son and my family. "

"The professionalism and love of his work are reflected in the excellent results, managing to control hypertension without reaching for life-long medications, improve fatty liver, control overweight and the side effects of this such as stress and constant fatigue are some of the treatments that I have carried out with Dr. Paola Parra in whom I have full confidence by putting my health and that of my family in her hands. Thank you, God save her and bless her excellent work even more. "

-Alejandra Corredor

- Damien Cano

"Neural therapy helped me reduce the intensity, frequency and effects of the migraine. Thank you Doctor." Paola Parra.


- Elena Ramírez