Serotherapy is a treatment consisting of the administration of specific serums that favor the self-healing of our body from a selection of vitamins, trace elements and natural biological drugs according to our specific needs.

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The serum therapy is usually carried out by intravenous application, that is, incorporating the personalized serum directly into our blood flow.

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Its therapeutic effects are rapid, allowing to restore the normal functions of the altered organs and thus accelerating the biological recovery of patients, recover vitality, stop organic deterioration and start living a fuller life. In healthy people, serum therapy helps prevent diseases and optimizes physical and intellectual performance.

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The serums used in the serum therapy treatment are totally personalized according to the individual needs and the health benefits that are desired. There is a first consultation with the patient to determine what their needs and objectives are, in order to make the serum that we consider appropriate. For example, there are serum combinations for:

Improve the health and beauty of our skin
Improve hair health and beauty
Lose weight and fight obesity
Detoxify the body
Anti-stress therapy
Protect the immune system
Anti-aging serum
Revitalize our energy
Regulate insomnia
Promote digestion
Improve vital harmony
Improve cardiovascular health
Improve intellectual performance, memory and general brain health
Strengthen our bones and joints
Improve sexual well-being and health
Reduce nicotine addiction