Herbal Remedies


Integrative Medicine encompasses conventional medicine and natural medicine, to make available to the patient all possible instruments for their cure.

The aim is not to underestimate the potential of natural medicine, while accepting the enormous role that conventional medicine has had in improving the quality of life and in the survival of the population. This type of integral medicine attends to the global aspects of the individual; physiological, psychological, nutritional and social.

It is important to note that the disease, on many occasions, appears as a consequence of poor eating and behavioral habits, which cause a weakening of our immune system. Keeping the body detoxified and a strong and healthy immune system is the most effective way to avoid disease.

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Integrative Medicine allows treating patients with chronic diseases that until then received merely palliative treatment, rather than curative. The comprehensive approach, combining conventional treatments with complementary therapeutic alternatives, enhances the results enormously.

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Because it is a medicine oriented to the restitution of health, which supposes a global analysis of the causes that originate a certain pathology. This new healthcare model offers the possibility of reducing traditional medication (anti-inflammatories, anxiolytics ...) by incorporating orthomolecular supplementation that allows us to use natural active ingredients at therapeutic concentrations.

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Integrative Medicine highlights the fundamental role that nutrition plays in producing improvements in patients through an individualized nutritional program tailored to their disease.