Homemade Remedies


It is a medical discipline that uses homeopathic bioregulatory medications, which allow to naturally stimulate the own healing capacity of each human being. That is, the antihomotoxic drug stimulates and promotes a much more physiological and natural resolution of a certain disease or pathological condition.

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According to homotoxicology, the organism reacts to progressive intoxication through, successively, excretion (diarrhea, vomiting), inflammation (eczema, fever), deposition (warts, adiposity), impregnation (asthma, angina pectoris), degeneration (tuberculosis, cirrhosis) and "dedifferentiation" (formerly called "neoplasia" or cancer).

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Antihomotoxic treatment uses homeopathic medicines based on the principle of similia similibus curantur (the similar cures the similar) combining different diluted substances, in different dilutions used simultaneously.

Antihomotoxic drugs work by strengthening the systems of elimination of harmful substances and their intention is to restore the normal physiological balance to regain health. By means of an immunological assistance mechanism (collaborators of the immune system), antihomotoxic drugs base their action on: Regulation of the immune system, detoxification and elimination of toxins from the extracellular matrix and improvement of the functioning of individual tissues and organs.

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Homotoxicology starts from differential diagnosis and is even considered as a link between homeopathic and allopathic medicines (a term used by homeopaths to designate conventional medicine).