Acupuncture is a thousand-year-old therapy originating in China, which consists of applying needles to specific points on the body to treat diseases and promote health. These needles when applied to specific regions of the body to improve immunity and treat emotional problems and physical illnesses such as sinusitis, asthma, migraine, and arthritis. Among the types of acupuncture is the auricular, aesthetic, for weight loss and electroacupuncture.

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Acupuncture techniques are based on the idea that the body is made up of energy accumulated in various regions that are called meridians. If the energy flow in these meridians is unbalanced, it causes inflammation in the body, causing symptoms such as pain, tiredness and weakness.

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For this reason the objective of acupuncture treatment is to establish the balance of the body, facilitating the circulation of energy, triggering analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Acupuncture is a very safe technique and generally has no health risks, nor does it cause side effects,